WOW Celebrates the 4th of July!

As Americans we have a great deal to be proud of. We have freedom, education, job opportunities, a sense of safety from attack, and the wisdom and beauty of the children. The WOW kids have a special understanding of "freedom" as they have never known the abiliy to walk, yet bravely step into each new day and accept the challenges they must face. They keep the "Can-Do" attitude, and live the American tradition.. Life Liberty, and a daily persuit of Happiness! Celebrate July 4TH with WOW!!!

WOW in the Parade
WOW takes part in the Estacada Celebration each year. This year each Winner decorated their chair in Red, White, and Blue. They then helped decorate a trailer with Banners, Streamers, and flags. Once these tasks were completed, the Winners were placed on the Float (trailer)and rode thru town waving and throwing candy to the onlookers. The Winners were awarded Second Place in "Theme" and Second in "Decoration" from the Estacade Chamber Of Commerce! Way to go kids!!! C0-Leader Dorothy and her friend Gino contributed countless hours to preparing the trailor and Banners for the Float.
WOW at the Park
After the Parade, the Winners were caravaned to the Estacada Timber Park to begin the afternoon festivities. There were Kids games, Softball, Bingo, Magic Shows, Music, Dancing, Hula-Hoop contests, Sky Divers, and more. The activities never stopped, and neither did the Winners!
WOW, Wrapping Up the Day
After all the fun, the sun begins to set, and everyone took their places on the lawn of the park for the Sky Show. As the band begins to play Patriotic Music, the sky lights up with Lights of multi-color, and loud *BOOMS*! The people oooh and aah... The kids sit with their eyes fixated on the wonders above them...

Come Celebrate next year with WOW! The Winners had a day to spend with their friends, and families, and bond even closer than they had before. WOW celebreates life... Life in America!


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