WOW Oregon Goes To Mt. Bachelor

March 24, 2001,WOW Oregon made the trip to Bend, Oregon to ski Mt. Bachelor. It was a great trip, and as you can see, everyone had a great time!
Thanks to COASP (Central Oregon Adaptive Ski Program) for their support, providing volunteers and equipment, and sharing the fun! Please check out the link to COASP below for more information about the adaptive ski program at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon!

Visit the C.O.A.S.P. Website | Learn More About Adaptive Skiing

Kyle and Jamison Dare the Steeps

The two dare devils made it to the top of the hill... but as you can see... their volunteers cannot agree on the best way back down! The boys knew how to get down.. they wanted to go higher, and ski faster!

Girl Power!

Andrea took off with the bi-ski and her volunteer and showed the rest of the gang that girls can do anything boys can! She took to the slopes like a pro, and the only thing that stopped her was sunset...but there is always next season!

Speed is all She needs!
Tasha showed everyone how to point the ski down hill and go! She loved the wind in her hair, and the laughter that echoed across the hill as she raced past everyone else was enjoyed by all. The true meaning of having fun was displayed well by this die-hard skier, who was also the last one to leave the mountain at the end of the day!
Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

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