What is a Winner?
Winners are everyday heroes. Winners take their dreams seriously. Winners never give up, and won't let you give up either. Winners have attitude. Winners care in their sleep. Winners make big things happen a little at a time. Winners say yes to freedom and change. Winners go with the flow. Winners see a beginning in every ending. Winners expect the best. Winners inspire the best in others. Winners are the richest people in the world when it comes to experience, laughter, and love. Winners follow their hearts and dreams.

WOW Disability Sports
Oregon Disability Sports offers Winners the opportunity to compete at their ability level, and to achieve their dreams of success and teamwork.
WOW Reaches for the Stars
When someone challenges a child to throw a ball as far as they can, a Winner is one who takes both hands and gives it their all. It matters not how far the ball travels, what is important is the spirit of giving it your best effort. For many, their best effort elevates them to first place!
WOW Water Safety and Swimming
Swimming is a sport everyone can do, regardless of their ability level! Size makes no difference. If someone is drowning, anyone can save them if they just learn how! WOW did!
WOW does Body Bowling
Body bowling challenges every ounce of coordination by placing the Winner on a mat, and surrounding them with 10 plastic bowling pins. At the word "go" the Winner must use their arms and legs to knock down all the pins as rapidly as possible. This is a challenge for everyone, especially when they have limited motion, yet everyone succeeds!

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