Community Service Wheel

The most difficult Wheel to earn is Community Service. The Winners must participate in 6 activities. Oregon WOW does 4 Community Service Projects a year. All are fun for the Winners, while meeting the needs of others at the same time. WOW puts fun in everything we do!

WOW Fun Run Support
Each year the Oregon WOW Circle hands out water to the runners in the 5K and 10K CCI Run For The Challenge. This run is to raise money to job-train adults with disabilities and find them gainful employment. It is a community activity based out of Milwaukie, Oregon. Before the race, the Winners participate in the 1/2 mile Kids Run. It is a great accomplishment to do a half mile dash!
WOW at the Convalescent Center
WOW believes everyone has something to give and share. Because of this, we visit the local Convelescent Center twice a year. In the Spring we visit and help the Senior Citizens play BINGO! In October, we visit in costume and trick or treat. Both days mean a LOT to the Winners and the residents of the home. The stories these people have to share are ones you could never find in a text book, but maybe thats where they belong because they have lived our history, and bring it to life in a wonderful way!
WOW Community Awareness
WOW gives Winners an opportunity to give back to the communities in which they live. For some this is city, for others rural, but for all it is FUN! Often giving back to the community includes taking wheelchairs and educating people on how to use them, or helping someone who has a wheelchair. It is sharing knowledge with others, and smiles along the way. It is mutual gain and pleasure. Educating others is something everyone can do, no matter what their abilities.. we are each individuals with special talents to offer. WOW gives the Winners a chance to find these talents and pass them along to the community around them. (photo: WOW member drawing raffle tickets at a community event)

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